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Flamenco: Art and Soul

Flamenco expresses the fullest range of human emotion and experience. It is the heart and soul of the Spanish people. This program takes a close look at this complex and electrifying art. After surveying the history of Flamenco, its many traditions are explored in depth, including those of song (Cante), guitar playing (Toque) and dance (Baile). Filmed in Seville, the artists at the historic club El Arenal demonstrate several different Flamenco traditions, including Siguiriya, Soleá, Alegrías, Taranto, Verdiales, Palillos, Bulerías, Sevillanas and Rumba gitana. Musicologist and flamenco guitarist Dr. Walter Clark serves as host.

Written by Walter Clark and Eugene Enrico. Joseph Friedman, Director of Photography.

Produced and Directed by Eugene Enrico
DVD, 30:00

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