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The Play of Daniel

THE PLAY OF DANIEL (Ludus Danielis), though correctly described as a "Liturgical Drama," is nothing less than a medieval opera. Daniel originated around 1140 at the Beauvais cathedral in northern France, and is today preserved in a 13th century manuscript at the British Library. This music-drama presents familiar episodes from the Book of Daniel in a fully staged production featuring costumes provided by New York's Ensemble for Early Music, Frederick Renz, Director, from its production of Daniel and the Lions. Guest Artistic Director of this video is Frederick Renz, and special guest artist is Tom Zajac. Stage Director is Sean Daniel. The role of Daniel is performed by Charles Klingmann, Belshazzar and Habakkuk by William Higgins, Belshazzar's Queen by Melissa Kamm, the Angel by Jennie Olson, the Envious Counselors by Roxane LaCombe and David Settle, and the Lions by Cynthia Bond Perry and Tina Kambour, choreographer. Gary May designed the staging, and David Smeal and George Ryan filmed the program and recorded the music.

Produced and Directed by Eugene Enrico.
Funded, in part, by Oklahoma Humanities and NEH.

DVD, 58:30

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